About Vialux

Welcome to VIALUX, my portraiture and street photography portfolio. 

This is me, the purple pinhole version:

I've had an on-off thing going on with Photography since I was young. It was the first job I dreamt about, and later an obsession. Over the years I've left photography behind and then re-discovered it, over and over again. A long time ago I got an Masters degree in Photography from LCC in London. Then I let it be for a while. I'm a photographer of people at heart, and I've been enjoying going back to my first-love – portraiture and street work.



I've included an expansive gallery of my Portrait work. You'll find the output of two colour projects in there, all shot on large format 4x5" film with a wooden field camera. The subjects suggested the locations and costume, and I worked with them to select the pose. This is a camera with a slow, exacting process of setup and composition. All the portraits are un-cropped scans from the negatives.

I happened to be the second photographer Tim Andrews responded to for his "Over the Hill" project, which has been widely spoken about and documented. Find out more about how he documented his journey living with Parkinson's disease.

I shot a quiet, domestic macro self ‘portrait’ project, titled Macroportrait, over the winter of 2022 and 2023. This captures household objects, bodily moments and personal minutiae and is presented in dusty monochrome.

I've also shared a full gallery of large format, on-street portraits of shoppers posing with their bags on Oxford Street in London.


Street work

You'll find a select set of high resolution street work in Folio I and Folio II. For more, find me at @vialux.photo on Instagram.

This work was shot on a number of different cameras including a Fujifilm X-E4, an old Fujifilm X10 and a couple of phones – a Pixel 6 and a knackered old OnePlus 3T. The older cameras are grainy as gritty hell, but that's ok. They all work well for street photography.

I live in London. I do quite a few other things. You can find out a little more about me here.



All the images on this website are copyright © Mark Russell. Please don't use them without permission. Feel free to get in touch via Instagram or over here.